Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wow... We are Over Halfway through the Term!

Bug Catcher Construction
Over the past few weeks we have planned, designed and written a procedure for the creation of our very own bug catchers. In the following week, we are asking the children to bring in any materials that might be useful for the construction of their own design. Please talk to your child at home about what they would like to collect and bring into school by next Friday. Any materials that are special for your child’s own design should be placed in a plastic bag with their name on it. Any materials to be shared can be placed loosely in the boxes that will be set up in the classroom.
Some useful materials may include:
  •         Clean empty jars/lids
  •          Plastic milk bottles/juice containers
  •          Mesh/netting
  •          Pipe cleaners/string
  •          Anything else you can think of!

 Image result for make a bug catcher
We will be putting our designs together from 11:30am – 12:30pm on Friday 9th June. During this time, we are seeking the expertise of a few parent helpers to assist us with construction. If you would like to come along and help please email me or let me know in the classroom.

Public Holiday/Pupil Free Day
A reminder that the children start school on Wednesday next week due to the public holiday on Monday, as well as the staff Catholicity Day on Tuesday.

Think Mentals
Please note that Unit Four in your child’s Think Mentals book is to be completed by next Friday 9th June. Thank you to parents for marking the work as you go and for giving your children feedback as they work through these tasks.

In Friendology we have been learning about Friendship Fires and how to ‘put them out’.
Some information that may be a good discussion point around the dinner table:
How to Confront a Friendship Fire:
1.       Find a good time to talk, just the two of you.
2.       In a calm, serious voice, retell the situation.
3.       Explain how it made you feel.
4.       Listen to their side and truly try to understand their perspective.
By following these steps, we can extinguish even the most difficult Friendship Fires!

Happy week to you all!

Miss Rundle

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