Sunday, October 21, 2018

Week 3 Messages

Farewell and Welcome!

Last Friday we said farewell Mrs Anne Coltrinari who completed 15 days of work experience towards her Education Assistant training in our Year One Classroom. Mrs Coltrinari was an asset to our class and we thank her for the extra assistance that she provided to both the children and myself in her time with us. We wish her every success in her future studies and role as an Education Assistant.

This week we welcome Mrs Gemma Hanmer, who will be completing her Third Year Teaching Prac in our Year One Classroom. Gemma will be with us for 6 weeks of Term 4 and we look forward to welcoming another special teacher into our class.

Castles Project

This term in Visual Arts and Technology we have been exploring the characteristics and features of castles. We already know that castles have been made popular by some fairy tales and that they are an important part of history, particularly in Europe.
This website contains some fun facts about castles that you can read with your child at home:

On Friday of Week 5, we will be using recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, netting, plastic lids and any other materials that the children can think of, to construct our own castles. Next week I will update our blog with a list of materials that the children and I have brainstormed together. From there, we will need to get collecting at home! If each child could bring their materials to school in a bag labelled with their name on it by Friday 9th November (Week 5) that would be fantastic! We will also prepare some materials which we already have at school that the children can access on the day. If you can help on this day from 10am-11am with our castle construction, please contact me by email, or let me know in the classroom.

Have a lovely week!
Mrs Sherborne

Monday, October 15, 2018

Calendar Orders

If you would like to order your child's artwork to purchase as a calendar, please fill out the order form sent home last week and return to the classroom with the money by this Friday 19th October.

The calendars are a great keepsake or Christmas gift for your loved ones!

Mrs Sherborne

Week 2 Information

Think Mental's Homework

Units to be completed this term are as follows:
Week 2: Unit 16
Week 3: Unit 17
Week 4: Unit 18
Week 5: Unit 19
Week 6: Unit 20
Week 7: Unit 21
Week 8: Unit 22
Week 9: Unit 23
If your child is a keen Mathematician they can go ahead in their books this term, or even complete a few of the remaining units over the summer holidays in preparation for Year Two.


Some absentee letters have gone home this week for any unaccounted absences throughout the year. Please write a brief reason for your child's absence, sign and send back to school. Gold stars for those of you who have sent in all absentee notes for the year so far!!

School Fete

There is a pink box in the classroom for donations of hairspray for the school fete (available at the pharmacy in the Coles complex). Many thanks to those of you who have already contributed. Please refer to the letter from the P&F regarding important information for the fete on the 11th November. Year 1S have been asked to supply a nut free slice, labelled with ingredients which can be dropped off on the morning of the fete.

Buddy Mass

This Wednesday, the Year Ones will walk to the church with their Year Six buddies to attend mass (weather dependent). Parents are most welcome to join us at the church from 9:30am.

Class Mass

The Year One family mass is scheduled for Saturday 27th October at 6pm. All Year One families are invited to the church to celebrate mass with Fr Ian, followed by pizzas after mass.

Class Reps

A big thank you to our class reps Leah, Janelle and Kim who have been busy keeping everyone up to date with events such as the fete and class catch ups. Your organisation and helpful reminders are always appreciated!

Have a great week everyone!
Mrs Sherborne

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Incursion fun in Year One!

This week we were lucky enough to have two incursions to come and visit us at OLC. We had to wonderful Constable Care and the super Scientists from Scitech.

Constable Care came and spoke to the children about keeping safe and what to do in case of emergency. I know that  they all loved screaming '000' at the top of their lungs in the puppet show. We now know what to do in case of an emergency using the DRS ABC acronym. A wonderful morning was had by all and we even had the real police come at the end of the show and introduce themselves to the children.

Scitech was also a stand out show with the children taking part in both the show and the workshop activities. The children loved seeing the presenters throw balloons, make balls levitate and conduct experiments using toys from around the house. The involvement of the crowd was a highlight of the show!

The workshop showed us what happens when friction becomes an important factor in the forces of motion. The children loved experimenting with toy cars and ramps and found that they could move the toy cars with their breath!

It was an awesome day of Science and discovery!

Mrs Sherborne

Friday, October 5, 2018

Welcome to Term Four

Here we are approaching the beginning of Term 4! What a whirlwind of learning, fun and events we have experienced this year so far!

Learning Journeys

Thank you to those of you who came to our OLC Learning Journey last term to celebrate in what has been a wonderful year of learning so far. The children really cherished the opportunity to be able to reflect on their work and achievements with their parents and grandparents in the classroom. Here are a few snaps from the afternoon:


Think Mentals: We will continue to complete one unit per week next term, however if your child is a keen Mathematician they are able to work further into the following units if they wish.

Reading: We will continue to send readers home every two days for nightly reading this term.

Sight Words: The children will be tested early on in the term and we will continue to send home personal sight word lists throughout Term 4.


A photograph of the News roster/groups is below and the rosters will also be placed up on the parent board outside the classroom.

Gathering Time

Just a reminder that we have Gathering Time from 8:30-8:45am in the classroom. The children are required to be at school before the 8:45am bell, to allow them time to organise their materials and transition into the school day. This important time in the morning sets the precedent for the day and allows for a smooth transition into the morning routine.

Lost Property

The office has advised that there are many lost jumpers currently in the lost property box. If you are missing any jumpers please take a look at the lost property box ASAP.


If you receive a note home with your child's absentee dates, please write a brief explanation, with a signature and date and send back to school. Thank you.

Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday 9th October: Students Commence & Constable Care Incursion
Thursday 11th October: Scitech Incursion
Saturday 27th October: Year One Family Mass @ 6pm
Sunday 11th November : OLC School Fete
Please refer to the calendar on the school website for other events throughout the term.

Thank you!

Thank you for another fabulous term in Year One. A special thanks to those of you who have been able to assist in the classroom for parent help, making our Maths pencil cases, preparing other resources and assisting on our excursion.  I hope you have all had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday break with your children and are ready for our final term of Year One. Our new parent help roster for the term will be placed up on the parent information board outside the classroom.

Enjoy your last weekend of the holidays!

Mrs Sherborne