Monday, August 13, 2018

Mission Markets

Good Evening Parents,

Mission Markets This Wednesday

Many thanks to our Year 1S and 1P parent helpers who kindly donated their time today to put together our bags for the Year One Lucky Dip stall. Your generous donations were greatly appreciated and I am sure that there will be lots of excitement from the students opening up their mystery bags on Wednesday!

If anyone would like to volunteer to set up our stall and man the stall from 11:30am-12:40pm on Wednesday your help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know by email, or during Gathering Time if you would like to assist with this. The children will enter the hall at approximately 12pm to peruse the market stalls and play the games on offer.

Please pack a small cloth bag for your child to 'shop' with on Wednesday, as their will be second hand items for sale, as well as lots of prizes up for grabs throughout the course of the Mission Market. A small purse or wallet with some change (up to $5 maximum with your child's name on it) will be the best way to carry money.

The children are asked to wear Sports Uniform on this day. All parents are welcome to attend our whole school mass in the morning which will take place in the hall at 9am.

Have a lovely night!
Mrs Sherborne

Monday, August 6, 2018

Change of Assembly Date and Mission Markets

Good Afternoon Parents,

Assembly Date

Please be advised that our Assembly date has changed from Week 5 to Week 6.
Please note in your diary the new date for our Assembly is now the following Friday 24th August (Week 6).
Reading parts for the assembly will be sent home this week. Thank you for your support with practising these parts at home.

Mission Markets

Thank you to those of you who have already been gathering items for our Lucky Dip stall. It would be fantastic if we could get some parent helpers to assist with preparing Lucky Dip bags next Monday 13th August. Please email me or speak to me during gathering time if you are able to help with this. If you have any spare party bags that you would like to recycle we will accept all donations in our Mission Market box. 

Mrs Sherborne

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mission Markets - Week 5

Mission Markets
Our annual OLC Mission Markets are fast approaching (Wednesday 15th August). This year, both Year One classes are running a Lucky Dip stall. We are asking for donations of various small toys, stationery or wrapped lollies/lollipops that can be put into lucky dip bags for the children. If you can get your hands on bulk packs of party toys like parachute men, party glasses, balloons, erasers or pencils this will enable more children to have a chance at our lucky dip stall. Coles, K-Mart and The Reject Shop all have great party sections where you can purchase a variety of these items.

If we could have all donations brought into class by next Monday 13th August it would be much appreciated. Many thanks for your support with our Mission Markets. All funds raised go directly to Caritas to support those in need.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Mrs. Sherborne

OLC Operation Christmas child - Shoebox Appeal

Dear Parents,

Over the next couple of weeks, the Year One  children are going to participate in an initiative called 'Operation Christmas Child' which aims to pack a shoebox to give to a child who has never received a gift before. This ties into our school value of Compassion as we are helping less fortunate children in need.

Please see below an example of the provided shoe box for Operation Christmas child:

Your child will be grouped with three other children to contribute and pack the shoebox. The cost to send a shoe box will be $2.50 per child.  We are asking you to encourage your child to do something extra at home to earn the money that is needed to buy the item to put into the provided shoebox.

Your child will bring home a note which shows you what kind of items can be sent away in the shoebox. We are asking for all donations to be brought to school by Friday 7th September (end of week 8) please. It is very exciting for the children to share in this initiative which has been a part of the O.L.C. Community for the last 15 years.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Sherborne

Monday, July 30, 2018

Week 3 Information

Salad Ingredients Wanted!
As a part of our Writing program this term we are expanding our knowledge on how to write a procedure. This week, we will be reading and writing a class recipe for a 'plant' salad. This Thursday 1st August we plan to make the salad, using ingredients from our own gardens (or fridges). We are asking that each child brings in one or two ingredients of their choice for our class salad on this day. Donations of lettuce, tomatoes, celery, carrots, fresh herbs, etc are all welcome! We will eat our salad as a recess snack (please pack some recess as normal, just in case).

Sight Words
A reminder that sight words are a continued part of our homework program this term. Please have a look at sight word tests that go home, as you will be able to see the words that your children require further consolidation with.

As mentioned on our first blog post we have our Assembly coming up on Friday 17th August (week 5). The children will not require costumes as such, I am just asking them to come to school dressed in a particular colour.

The colours are as follows:
Red: James R, Allira, Lyla, and Harry
Yellow: Sara, Darcy, Jay, Evelyn and Thomas
Blue: Tristan, Charli, Luka, Max and Ruby
Purple: Archie, Milla, Kiana, James J and Summer
Orange: Marley, Kye, Scarlett, Isla and Jackson
Green: Harper, Oceania, Perri and Cameron

Good luck with colour hunting! More details will be provided about assembly in the coming weeks.

Have a fantastic week!
Mrs Sherborne

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Once-Ler Has Come to Town!

It has been a flurry of excitement in Year One since the Once-Ler came to school! On Monday Morning we were left with a letter and a pile of branches, as well as 'thneeds' on the classroom floor. Ever since, we have been trying to work out how we can get rid of the Once-Ler!

After doing a little 'Google' searching Miss Prowse and Mrs Sherborne have come across a procedure to get rid of the Once-Ler for good! This week we are in the process of learning the procedure which involves making a recipe that will scare the Once-Ler to run away and never return! Stay tuned for more updates on the Once-Ler.

Mrs Sherborne

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Australian Once-Ler Coming to Year One

Good morning Parents,

Tomorrow morning, the classroom will be in a bit of a mess due to the Australian Once-Ler using our classroom for the beginning of it's factory!

In class, we have read the story of the Lorax. We are using this story as the base for our procedure writing unit. I have told the children that the Lorax was one of my favourite books when I was growing up and that it was based on people around the world cutting down trees to make new things. I explained that the Once-Ler (the villain in the story) was responsible for cutting down the trees and making onsie type pieces called thneeds.

The area that we live in would be the perfect place for the Once-Ler to come as we have so many beautiful trees around the I will be running "late" on Monday morning and I will rush to the door at 8.30am where I will find the classroom covered in branches, thneeds and signs all over the door saying 'keep out'. The Australian Once-Ler will leave a note explaining that he will be back to set up his factory soon.

The premise of this will be that we have to write a procedure titled 'How to Get Rid of an Australian Once-Ler'. Mr. Wilkie or Mr. Torrese will be on the case on Monday asking the children for some ideas...

Keep an eye on the blog for progress on our procedure unit as the children use hand actions, various vocabulary and learn the structure of a procedure!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Mrs Sherborne