Tuesday, May 9, 2017

URStrong: Friendology in Year One

On Monday both Year One classes came together to talk about our wonderful new program Friendology 101. The children were very excited to bring in their stuffed friends to school and were very excited to get started.

Within this session, we spoke about the 4 friendship facts which were:

#1 No friendship (or relationship) is perfect
#2 Every friendship is different
#3 Trust and Respect are the two most important qualities of a friendship
#4 Friendships change...and that ok!

We learnt about how we can make a new friend or talk to someone new out in the play ground if we are looking for people to play with. We grabbed our stuffy toys and they became our focus for introducing ourselves to one another. We spoke about the importance of introducing ourselves and using the other persons name when saying hello.

We played a game of conversation catch where we had to go up to another person or 'stuffy' and ask them three questions about their likes or dislikes. The children loved role playing this action and many of them said that they would go out and try it this week.

Below are some photos of both of the Year One classes participating in a Friendology mixer and then celebrating all our wonderful friendship learning with a Go Noodle. The children loved learning about Friendology.

Keep an eye on the blog for info about Friendship fires - how they can happen and how your child can put them out....independently!

Thank you for your on going support

Miss Rundle and Miss Prowse

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