Monday, May 15, 2017

Insect Safari in Year One

This term in Science we are looking at living creatures and how they carry with them a variety of external features and how each of these creatures live in different places for their need to be met. In our boy and girl classes, we set off around the school to hunt for insects. We talked about how different insects would be found in different places and brainstormed some of the places we could go around the school to find them.

The boys were very keen to get their hands dirty and loved digging around in the different places in the garden beds and down in the bush area near the oval. We took our ipads with us and worked in pairs trying to spot various creatures within the environment. We found many great insects and luckily no spiders to be found! The children then came back after their exploration and we shared our findings on the smart board by projecting them from the I Pad.

Here are some photos of the children exploring the environment for living creatures.

Keep an eye on the blog for your much needed help with snail collecting!

Many thanks

Miss Prowse

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