Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 2 Information

Upcoming School Events and Information for Year Ones:

Camp Fun Run
A reminder that the ‘Camp Fun Run’ will occur this Wednesday afternoon from 1:30pm. All children are required to wear their sports uniform for the day. Thank you to our parent volunteers who have offered their assistance on the day, we will be giving each child a card that can be pierced with a hole-punch as the students run each lap. If you are helping, please meet us down on the oval at 1:30pm and we’ll set you up with what you will need. You are also welcome to come along and be a part of our cheer squad! Following the fun run, donations can be made as a lump sum amount or per lap, as outlined on the form that went home last week.

Casuals for Catholics – This Friday
All OLC students are invited to wear casual clothes to school this Friday to raise funds for struggling members of our local community and diocese. The children will need to make a gold coin donation on the day in exchange for wearing free dress.

Mother’s Day Breakfast
On Friday 12th May, all Mothers and Grandmothers are invited to attend the OLC Mother’s Day Breakfast from 7:30am. Please feel welcome to attend! If there are any Dads who would like to assist on the morning, please contact our class reps.

As per our last blog post, the Think Mentals Maths Books went home yesterday and are now a part of our homework program for Term 2. The children are only required to complete one unit across two weeks. Parents are encouraged to mark the work as each day is completed to give immediate feedback your children. Unit 2 is due to be completed by the end of week 3 (Friday 12th May).
Please ensure that your child is continuing to practice sight word recognition at home, as well as nightly reading. Our sight word testing will begin again this week, please let us know if you feel that your child is ready to be tested.  Homework folders still need to be at school daily, as the children may use their sight words at school and also have their readers exchanged on their allocated days. We have had a few missing of late! Thank you for your ongoing support with homework.

Have a lovely week!

Miss Rundle

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