Sunday, February 18, 2018

Investigating sound and light in Science!

We have had a fantastic start to our Science inquiry this term and the children have been very interested in learning about how sound and light is formed and how it travels and reaches the human body.

We began our investigation of where sound comes from and where around the school we can hear different sources of sound. We brainstormed what we knew about sound and what questions we had about sound which we found we had a lot - which is always a great start to our inquiry!

We assigned some children to be photographers and some to be sketch artists of what we found, I quickly learnt that the children had a very good ear for hearing lots of things including birds, Mr. Hogan on the lawnmower, the wind, leaves rustling along the ground and some children even swore they heard a ghost in the undercover area! The children loved sharing their findings on the ipads and we found answers to a few of our questions while we were exploring the school.

In our second lesson we talked about light and sources of light, the children loved finding light and dark places around the school and saw that the sun cast shadows on the bricks. The girls were quick to point this out! We found the lightest place was on the oval and the darkest place was in the hall behind the curtains, where no light could come in. We then went inside the classroom and experimented with refracting light. We used torches and found that when we used a glass and some water, we could make rainbows! The children took great delight in investigating different types of prisms and experimenting with light that could bend.

We are looking forward to discovering how sound waves reach our ears and how light enters our eye. Keep an eye (or two...haha) on the blog for information about our STEM project of constructing a sun chime in the coming weeks.

Miss Prowse

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