Monday, February 19, 2018

A Full Week in Year One!

Wow, last week we completed our first full week in the classroom! Lots happening in Year One with the commencement of Maths and Reading groups, as well as Art and Science when the children swap teachers on Friday mornings. Our ‘Play Projects’ are up and running on a Friday afternoon when we have a choice in our learning and an opportunity to use our creative licences. The children were having fun in some nature play with sticks and twine, imaginary play with our Kimochi Dolls and constructing from boxes as well as LEGO and Mobilo alongside the Pre-Primaries and Kindies. What a great buzz of learning happening in ECC! Some of our Play Projects are on display in the classroom for you to take a look at.

We sent home our first homework yesterday! Sight words, along with a home reader and you child’s Mathletics and Reading Eggs passwords will go home this week. We encourage the children to bring their homework folder to and from school every day and place it in the tub with the red or blue smiley face (depending on what coloured sticker they have on the front of their folder). Your child’s reading books will be exchanged by the EA’s on either a Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu basis.

Class Reps
Many thanks to our class rep volunteers for 2018 - Leah Pearson, Janelle Thompson and Kim Archer. As our P&F reps reiterated at Parent Night ‘many hands make light work’! Our reps have placed a family details sheet on the parent info board. You are invited to fill out your details to make it easier for our reps to contact you regarding any upcoming social gatherings or important information. Thanks ladies!

Observation Survey
Some standardised testing will begin this week in Year One. The Observation Survey gives us valuable information about your child’s reading ability, writing vocabulary and phonics knowledge.
It is completed one on one with the teacher and during this time there will be a relief teacher in Year One.

Kiss and Drop Fridays
There was such an air of independence in our classrooms on Friday morning with both our parents and children making the most of Kiss and Drop morning! The children were as proud as punch to take ownership of their morning and come into the classroom independently. Thank you parents for supporting us with this.

Have a fantastic week!
Mrs Sherborne

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