Sunday, February 25, 2018

Good vibes in Science and our Term One STEM project

Good Vibes experiment

As apart of our investigation into light and sound the year one children investigated how we can hear and feel sound. We investigated different things that can make sound eg. a hammer, a guitar and a splash. We then talked about how all these things can make vibrations which cause invisible sound waves to travel through the air.

As scientists, we decided to go one step further and see how these vibrations and sound waves could be seen by the human eye....using hundreds and thousands.

We made a drum like surface using a bowl and some cling wrap and then we predicted what we thought would happen if we hummed near the bowl and put some hundreds and thousands on top of the cling wrap. We had three predictions to choose from: nothing would happen, the hundreds and thousands would change colour or the hundreds and thousands would move and vibrate.  It was very interesting to gather some of the students predictions.

We then got into groups of three and conducted our experiment and found that the hundreds and thousands could dance when we hummed near the bowl. The children loved finding out about vibrations and sound waves and were interested in finding out how sound reaches our ears.

If you'd like to view or conduct the experiment at home, please click on the link below for the video.

Seeing sound experiment 

STEM Project (Friday Week 7)

Over the next two weeks the children will be presented with a problem that they have to solve duirng our Science time, please have a read of the brief below which I will be presenting to the children this week.

I have posted this project a little bit early so you can start collecting materials for your child's design (all help would be appreciated!). I will also be posting up a time for parents who would like to come in and help construct the sun chimes with the students.

Below are some of the examples that I will be showing them:

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Miss Prowse and Mrs. Sherborne

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