Saturday, March 11, 2017

Year One Science

In Science this term, the Year One students have been learning about sound and light are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed.

Over the next few weeks, we will be designing a musical instrument out of recyclable materials. We are asking you to bring in any recyclable materials such as:

- Tissue boxes
- Paper towel middles
- Food boxes
- Lackey bands
- balloons
- Paper plates/ cups
- Plastic jars
- Beads/dried beans

If you could start bringing in items from Tuesday week 7,  in a plastic bag marked 'SCIENCE' that would be greatly appreciated. We may also require some parent help on the Friday we have Science (between 11.20-12.45)  to help construct the musical instruments so please keep an eye on the blog for what week it might be.

In our Science lessons, we have been exploring different ways sound can be made. We have looked at sound waves how they are invisible waves that travel through the air and to show our understanding, we made string phones and found out that the vibrations travel along the string so the other person can hear on the other side.

Below are some pictures of the children experimenting with sound using the string phones.

We also went for a look around the school for places that are light and places that are dark. We found the oval and the grassed area outside the classroom was very light and the hall behind the curtains was a very dark place. We looked at the different parts of the eye and what happens when light enters our eyes. The children loved seeing their pupils dilate and contract when exposed to light.

Below are some pictures of our findings around the school.

We love learning about sound and light!

Miss Prowse

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