Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week Six Update

Good Afternoon Parents!

Please read through our week six update:

Maths Pencil Cases
Our parent helpers were very productive today in putting together the Maths pencil cases for the Year One students. We very much appreciate your input in creating these fabulous resources for the children. Thank you all, we can’t wait to use them!

Decoding Bookmarks
Today in your child’s homework folder you should find a bookmark with a list of fun ‘decoding’ skills that you can practise with them during daily home reading. On the back, there is also some useful reading advice on how you can assist your child at home and make reading a fun part of family time.
A reminder that class readers are exchanged every two days by the Education Assistants. Please aim to get your child to bring their folder in and place it in the tub each morning.

Our History Unit – We Need You to Start Collecting Items!
As a part of our History program this term, we are exploring the terms ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’. In this week’s history lesson, we have created a plan to collect some special items or photographs from our life, starting from:
-          When I was a Baby (bring something in for next week): Items may include a baby photo, a special item of clothing, a favourite toy, a baby item such as a bottle/dummy, etc.
-          When I was young (bring something in for week 8): Items may include a favourite book, a special toy, something that you made, a photo of you hitting a milestone, a certificate or medal.
-          Now/In the Present (bring something in for week 9):  Items might include a current family photo, a favourite toy or sports item, an item from the house, a photo of a current pet.
-          In the Future (bring something in for week 10): What do you see in your future? Is there something you would like to learn to do? Is there an achievement or a goal that you would like to reach? You could draw a picture or print out a picture of something that you would like to see in your future.
Please bring in only one item from each category in the following weeks. We will need our special items at school by each Thursday in time for our History lesson.

Parent Teacher Meetings
I would like to meet with all parents before the end of Term One to discuss how your child is progressing and how we can work together to support them throughout Year One. Next week I will send home a preference sheet for meetings and parents can select a preference from the allocated times. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your child and their learning at school please let me know. At this stage I am looking at time slots in week 8 and week 9. Stay tuned for further information.

Monday – Pupil Free
A reminder that this Monday is a Pupil Free Day. The staff will still be at school attending a professional development course based on the social/emotional education programs ‘Friendology 101’ and ‘Kimochi Dolls’.

Have a happy weekend and enjoy your extra family time next Monday!

Amy Rundle

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