Monday, May 21, 2018

Year One is going bug crazy!

We have had a very bug-tastic this term  in Year One! We have been learning about mini beasts in Science and over the past few weeks we have been on an Insect Safari! We worked in teams of 3 and in each team we had a Communications Officer (the person who communicates with the teacher), a Safari Sargent (the person who directs the team) and a Bug patrol and digger (the person who gets their hands dirty and looks in the bushes and dirt for bugs!). We had to carefully look for insects around our school and look at the environments in which they live. Each team had an iPad which they used to take pictures of the insects this then allowed us to come back to class and share our findings. Here are some pictures of our Safari!

We were also very lucky to have a close up look at some slimy friends in our worm farm. We first talked about what we knew about worms and drew a picture of what we thought a worm looked like. We then go to be super Scientists and have a close up look of the worms using magnifying glasses and gloves. We found out that that have an interesting part of their body called the saddle (or the clitellum) and that they have tiny hairs on their body to help them move through the soil. We loved learning about worms!

If you have any snails in your garden, please bring them in for our Science lesson this Friday! We would love to have a close look at them :)

Keep an eye out for all those bugs!

Miss Prowse

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