Thursday, November 30, 2017

End of the Year Events

Boardies Day
Tomorrow the children are invited to come to school in their 'boardies' for a gold coin donation, as per the information in the newsletter.

Boat Ramp Beach Fun Day
Stay tuned for more newsletter information on our whole school end of year fun day at The Dunsborough Boat Ramp. Let's hope we have a nice sunny day for it next Friday! We are leaving school to take the bus down to Old Dunsborough at around 10am and aiming to return to school by 12:30pm.

Awards Night
Our end of year awards night and Christmas carols will be held next Wednesday at 5:30pm in the hall. There will be two special awards presented to students in each class on this evening. We encourage attendance of all students for this highlight of the year.

Sight Words/Readers
There will be no sight words or readers going home in the final week of school. Please ensure that the children have brought back their books and sight words by next Monday to allow enough time to return to the library.

Below is a link to the phonics patterns that we have covered in the spelling groups this term. It may be a good idea to practise these focus sounds with your child over the holidays, as the children will continue with this spelling program in Year Two.
Spelling Review

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