Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Post from Miss Bolton

Over the last four weeks in year 1R we have learnt many things!

In maths, we have learnt how to gather data by asking our friends which was their favourite fruit, animal and fairy tale. We really enjoyed data and were very successful in making picture and bar graphs. When we had finished data we moved onto measurement. In measurement so far we have learnt about length and capacity. We explored the length of different items in our classroom using blocks, dominoes and pop sticks. We partnered up to measure ourselves and compared our heights to our classmates. When learning about capacity we have used cups sand to fill objects and recorded how many cups they held.

Science has been very exciting discovering how food changes when it is heated and cooled. We explored the properties of popcorn as it changed from a kernel. This week we are investigating how eggs change and the variety of ways we can cook eggs.

In art we have been exploring texture and how different materials feel. We created a texture hand with 5 different textures. We also used amazing descriptive words for the textures. Some of the textures were bumpy and rough, others were smooth and silky.

I have been taking guided reading over the last 4 weeks and I am impressed with the knowledge and understanding your children have developed in such a short amount of time. We have learnt how to make predictions using the cover of a book and connect the character and events in the book to ourselves and our lives. We have also begun to use speech marks and write our own sentences using speech marks.

I have truly enjoyed my four weeks in this amazing and positive learning environment. I have made connections with every child and can see their potential to grow into fantastic members of our society.

Miss Bolton

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