Tuesday, June 12, 2018

An Art Lesson with Mrs Hall

Aboriginal Art Lesson

We had the very talented Mrs Hall (Perri's Mum) in today, who is a high school Art teacher. Mrs Hall shared her talents with the the class by teaching us how to use lines and patterns in Aboriginal Art, to create our very own rainbow snake. First, Mrs Hall read us the story of The Rainbow Snake and after that, we explored some patterns and symbols that we could use for our own designs. Mrs Jeffrey (Max's Mum) did a fantastic job of helping the children decorate their work with a mountain of glitter! A big thank you to Mrs Hall for sharing her gifts with our class. Parents are the best teachers!

If you have any gifts or talents that you can share with our class please let us know. We would love to have more parents in who can demonstrate their skills for us!

Remember we are making bug catchers next Friday. If you can help, please email me or let me know during gathering time in the morning.

Mrs Sherborne

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