Monday, April 9, 2018

Mandala Materials

Mandala Art
This term, the Year Ones have been exploring pattern and line in Visual Arts. We would like to finish off the term with some exploration into Mandala patterns and have a go at creating Mandalas of our own this Friday 13th April. We will be seeking donations of objects that the children can share and use to create our Mandalas.

What can I bring in?
- fairy stones
- beads
- bottle tops
- gum nuts
- flowers
- rocks/stones
- twigs/bits of driftwood
- a variety of leaves
- shells
- seeds
- anything else you can think of!

Please bring your child's items in a zip lock bag or similar with their name on it.

We are also looking for some round mats or pieces of material (a variety of sizes would work), that we can lay out our mandalas on, before we photograph them. If you have any place mats at home or would be willing to cut out some material for us your help would be greatly appreciated.

See an example of some nature inspired mandala art below:

{Mandala Art} A perfect way to practice patterns and math!

Many thanks
Mrs Sherborne

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