Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 6 Information

This Thursday the children will be having school photos. As per the information in the newsletter, the Year Ones will be required to come to school dressed in their full winter uniform (including jumpers) and are asked to have their sports uniforms, sneakers and socks stored inside a plastic bag in their school bags. It is a busy time, training for team games and races for our upcoming Athletics Carnival at the moment!

A letter will go home later this week, outlining our class excursion that will be coming up on Friday of Week 9. We are asking that the children come to school dressed as a child from the ‘Olden Days,’ to make our experience a little more authentic. The Year Ones have had a fabulous time learning about life in the olden days at school and this excursion will enable us to experience a taste of what life was like firsthand.


Please note that our next two units of the the Think Mentals Book (Units 10 and 11) are due this Friday. 

Miss Rundle

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