Sunday, June 25, 2017

We are Halfway Through Year One!

Sight Words
This week, a revision sheet will go home with your child for the first 100 sight words. All of the children have been retested and on the first 100 words and the words that have been spelled incorrectly are written on your child’s revision sheet. If you get time over the holidays could you please practise these words with your child to help them master the first 100.
This week the only homework that we are sending home is sight words. Readers are going back to the Library and all Comprehension Packs will not go home again until next term. If you have any overdue Comprehension Packs, please send them back to school, along with all readers on Monday. As of Week One next term, the students are asked to complete one unit per week in their Think Mentals books. The Think Mentals will be collected fortnightly for signing. If you could please continue to mark your child’s work as they complete it to give them immediate feedback it would be much appreciated. Unit 6 and Unit 7 will be due on Friday 28th July (end of Week 2).

Grandparent’s Day
A reminder that all Grandparents are invited to our annual Grandparent’s Day this Tuesday. Our Prayer Service begins at 9am in the hall, followed by morning tea at 9:30am and classrooms will be open from 10am to 11 am. In Year One the children will complete 3 activities during that time – one in 1R, one in 1P and another in the Wet Area. Grandparents are invited to come in across this time and find their Grandchild who will show them what they have been learning about in Year One.

The Year 1R performance assembly will be held on Friday of Week Two (28th July). Stay tuned for reading parts and what to wear on the day. We have been practising the words to a song that our class is loving at the moment. Click on the link to the song so that your child can practise the lyrics at home. We have been a bit ambitious, as the verses are quite fast!

Happy Week 10 and I hope you all have a lovely holiday with your family!

Miss Rundle

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