Monday, April 3, 2017

Holiday Writing Packs

As the holidays draw near, I can feel your little ones bursting to get out and about and enjoy their break! I definitely encourage children to have a rest from school and enjoy their holidays but if you would like to do some writing about what you’re doing in the holidays, I am going to make up some little writing packs so your children can write about their adventures!.

In this pack, I’ll include:
- A finger space buddy
- Some dotted thirds pages
- A guide of how the letters should sit on the line
- Some stimulus pictures that children can choose to write about if they feel so inclined
- A list of story starters
- Sequencing pictures that the children can cut out and write about

Let me please make it clear that THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY. This is just a way to encourage your little one to be more confident in their writing and letter formation when beginning term 2.

Some ways you can support your child with their writing at home....

- Read your child’s writing or have them read it back to you and comment on the positive aspects. For example “I really love the way you have used a capital letter at the start of your senetnce”.
- Praise your child for having a go at writing words that are new to them.
- To develop word and spelling concepts it’s always fun to play games such as scrabble, boggle and even I spy eg. I spy something beginning with the ‘ch’ sound.
- Write notes, letters or stories together. Your child will love creating something with you!
- Keep a holiday journal where you might write down two sentences of what you did that day and how you might have felt after.
- Ask your child to label some of the things around the house with scrap paper - encourage them to sound out all the words and to have a go even if they are not sure.
- Ask your child to write to someone else in the class over the holidays - this can include your child telling them what they have been doing and even asking questions of what they might be up to.
- Use fun and funky coloured writing go crazy for gel pens, textas and coloured pencils or crayons!
- To practise letter formation, the best thing I have found is for children to use a thick paint brush and a bucket of water and let them go crazy with it on the wall...they will be able to see their writing, with no mess for you! Another alternative is to use chalk or foam on the ground or wall which will wash off with water.
- Display their writing at home...children love seeing their work up and the fact they did it at home is even more special.

I will have some of these packs available on Friday for the children to take home, but please remember this is not compulsory.

Both Monique and I have had an absolutely wonderful first term with your children and we are looking forward to the fantastic year ahead!

Have a restful last couple of days before holidays!

Miss Rundle

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