Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Year One comprehension packs

Throughout the year, the Year One children will be receiving a variety of story books from the school that will aim to build and develop your child's comprehension. This was done in Pre-Primary last year so here is a quick refresher of the process:

- The Comprehension Packs will be given out on a Thursday each week. You have 6 days to read the book. 
- The Books are required back by the following Wednesday of each week.
- In your child's comprehension pack they will receive: A story book and a set of questions (and answers to the questions) on a separate laminated page. 
- The Comprehension Packs can be returned as soon as your child has finished reading the book and answering the questions. 
- If your child did not read the book, it still must be returned as our librarian changes all of the packs and does not have any spares if one is forgotten. 
- If your child is sick, please endeavor to bring it to school with a sibling or other parent as it can affect the whole class if one book is not brought back. 

Please note that some of the stories might be too difficult for your child to read so please make this a special time that you can read with your child to model correct reading skills and promote a love of reading!

Below is an example of what the packs will look like and what they will have in them.

If you have any questions, please email me. 

Many thanks

Miss Rundle

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